Coastal Inspired Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

Happy Wednesday! It’s the second Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for the #InspireMyCreativity link up! The theme for this month? CHALK PAINT! I love, love, love chalk paint for so many reasons so I am extra excited to be show you my coastal inspired desk makeover with chalk paint today! I have so many chalk paint projects that I wanted to do for this month’s theme, it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just one.

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A few weeks ago, I came across a post on our local Buy/Sell Facebook group of someone giving away a FREE desk. She said that it was given to her by a family member, but it was now just taking up space so she was hoping to pass it along to the first person who could come and pick it up. She ended up living right around the corner from me (in an apartment building right across the street from where I used to live!) so I was snatched it up. It was missing a knob and had some scratches on it, but it was it otherwise great condition. I shared a straight-from-the-listing shot of it on Instagram:

Seriously though, I didn’t need another desk to paint. I bought one (from the same buy and sell group) earlier in April and I still have yet to paint it, BUT, I loved the bones on this one and couldn’t pass up FREE! I plan on using it as a TV stand in the living room once I can convince Sean to give up his old, ugly, basic TV stand that he’s had since his university days. After I sneaked brought it home, I went straight to Pinterest to gather up some inspiration for my desk – which is where I decided to go for a coastal inspired desk.

Sean and I haven’t been living together long, so we’re I’m still in the planning stages of figuring out how I want our home to ‘feel’. We do live right near the beautiful Georgian Bay, so I’m hoping to bring in a bit of a coastal/nautical feel with light, airy colours and lots of blue hues. No one would ever know that my favourite colour is actually PINK (well, unless you saw my pink and gold home office inspiration) but I’ve made a promise to Sean that I won’t paint any walls pink, and he rolls his eyes when I show him any pink decor, so blue is the next best thing!

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I found a TON of inspiration on Pinterest, and just looking at my Beautiful Paint Transformations board, you can see where my mind was going with this… BLUE!

Coastal Inspired Desk Inspiration

I had a Friday off work a few weeks ago, which is an unusual thing for me! I took a bit of a mini road trip (only about half an hour away from home) to a few stores that I had found online that carried different brands of chalk paint. Until this point, I’ve only ever used FAT Chalk Paint and different brands you could buy at Michaels. Since this was a bigger project, I wanted to get a fresh pint of paint so I didn’t have to worry about running out midway through painting my coastal inspired desk. I REALLY wanted to use Either Caribbean or Robyn’s Egg Blue from FAT, but the store I went to didn’t end up carrying either one 🙁 Boo. So, I headed to my next stop that carried Country Chic Chalk Paint! It took quite a bit of time and chatting with the lovely shop owner before I decided on a colour: Icicle.

Once I got home, I was ready to paint! The desk was really in pretty decent shape, other than some stains and small scratches on it. I gave it a light sanding with a sanding block and then started painting! That’s what I LOVE about chalk paint – super easy prep work!

Coastal Inspired Desk Makeover - The Before

I did two very light coats with a paint roller on the desk top and drawers, but then I switched to a good ol’ paint brush. I found it was much easier to control how much paint went on, and despite the fact that it takes longer to do each coat, I felt like each coat was applied better with the brush. There were some visible brush strokes that I couldn’t sand out, but I had a way to fix that 😉

Icicle is a very light blue, or according to Sean, ‘basically white with a bit of blue’ – I definitely see more blue than white!

Coastal Inspired Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint | Inspire My Creativity

I was LOVING the Icicle Blue, but I still wanted to add a bit more to it. Painted and distressed map on the top? Pallet wood accents? White wash? Since I had never tried the latter.. I went for a white wash! I mixed some white chalk paint I had on hand with some water, brushed it on, and then pretty much wiped it right off. It made a very subtle difference, but it was just the right pop of white. Once that had dried, I distressed a few area on the desk and put it all back together.

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This is a terrible photo, but I LOVE how it my coastal inspired desk makeover turned out! I still need to find some new knobs for it though, because on my last trip to Hobby Lobby they weren’t on sale AND I couldn’t find any I LOVED. I can’t wait to start pulling the entire living room together, and this coastal inspired desk makeover will really get things started! I may end up adding some palette wood on the top, or painting a stencil on it – which would you do?

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See you next month!

xo, Meredith from The Designer DIY


7 thoughts on “Coastal Inspired Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

  1. Emy

    LOVE how this turned out! The blue is so pretty!


  2. Ali B

    I love the color! Coastal is so popular right now, and it’s easy to see why!


  3. Cathy

    The desk looks so much better with it’s makeover. Love it!


  4. Missy

    Ooh! I’ve used Country Chic but never tried Icicle before. Fun color! Can’t wait to see it when you get the new knobs on!


  5. Christine

    What an awesome transformation! I love how it turned out! The color is wonderful!


  6. Candice

    Your desk turned out so lovely! The color is beautiful!!


  7. Magen

    Your desk turned out awesome! It has got to feel good to have gotten it for free and now it looks amazing. I would go with the pallet wood on top. Maybe a crab figurine, something red would look great!


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