Monday Morning Coffee Break | 07.17.17

Happy Monday! I’m coming off a bit of a long weekend after having Friday off work and it was a much needed break to reset and relax. Things have been a little crazy at work lately as I work on getting our new website live (I’m a marketing coordinator for a local golf course) and it’s been a lot of work getting it ready to go for the end of this month. BUT, it will be so, so worth it once it’s done as our old website was terrible outdated.

On Friday, I started on my August #InspireMyCreativity project- the theme is CHALK PAINT. I’m super excited for this project and went out Friday to get some Country Chic paint, a chalk paint I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. I shared a little teaser photo on instagram:

If you haven’t checked out July’s link up of projects yet, view it here. Everyone is welcome to add their projects for a few more days before it closes! I can’t wait to see everyones projects once the August hop is live – it’s definitely my favourite part of doing the link up with this amazing group of ladies.

On Saturday, we started the day by meeting Sean’s Mom & Grandfather at Tim Hortons for breakfast. They go every Saturday morning, so we try to join them when we can. Afterwards, we did our regular errands – grocery shopping, a pit stop at Michaels, the usual 😉 I had seen an Instagram post that all fake succulents were 70% off at Michaels so I picked up a few cute ones. I LOVE the look of them, but I can not seem to keep any plants alive. I blame my cat, who either eats them or knocks them off whatever window sill they’re sitting on – I’ve literally watched him walk up to it, paw it off, and walk away like nothing happened. At least I can’t kill a fake plant!

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We were going to take the dogs to the off-leash dog park after our errands, but Sean’s mom called and asked if we wanted to join them for a boat ride around Georgian Bay on his dad’s boat. They’ve asked us a few times but the timing was never right but this time we packed up the dogs and headed to the boat launch! Penny (who turns 2 next week!) is a Potcake from the Bahamas – she came to Canada on a ferry and a plane, was a stray dog right near the beach… and she’s TERRIFIED of water. She will do all she can do avoid a puddle on walks and hates to go swimming so once she saw the water the boat was in, she did NOT want to get on. Once she got on board though, she was fine – a little calmer than usual (she’s usually a wild beast!), but still had a smile on her face!

We were out for about two hours, and she ended up just taking a nap by the end of it! Pickles on the other hand, LOVED the whole thing and couldn’t stop walking around and exploring the boat. She’s not a huge fan of water either, but she actually jumped right in the water before getting on the boat which is rare. She just loved climbing up and watching out the side of the boat.

We all enjoyed the boat ride! Georgian Bay is absolutely beautiful, and we really take for granted sometimes that we live in such a great area. There are so many waterfalls, great parks and attractions right here in our own backyard – we really need to start exploring more of them!

Sunday wasn’t too eventful – some cleaning, grass cutting, and I did some more painting- I even took a nap Sunday afternoon! I really needed a relaxing weekend and this one was just perfect for that. How was your weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

P.S: Did you know today is the ONLY day of the year that the little emojii calendar is correct? Look closely and you’ll see! 🙂

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