Monday Morning Coffee Break | 06.26.17

Good morning! Did anyone else have as hard of a time as I did getting out of bed this morning? I don’t know if it’s because we did A LOT of moving this weekend, or because next weekend is a long weekend and I’m waiting too hard for that, or what – but it was very hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. But here I am, coffee beside me, ready for another week – and I can’t believe we’re only a week away from July!

This weekend, we were pretty busy – we FINALLY got started on the basement reno! A few years ago, before I ever moved in with Sean, his basement flooded one spring after a big snow melt. At the time, he rented a dumpster and gutted mostly everything including the drywall, carpeting, etc – but then never got going on finishing it. Now, whenever it rains or every spring after a big snow melt, we’re left with a few inches of water in the basement. It usually doesn’t get too bad because we have a pump running, but over the past two weeks we’ve gotten unusually high amounts of rain, which means that twice in the past week, the water has gotten up high enough to get into the raised laundry room (which is the only somewhat functional part of the basement – minus the fact that the washing machine doesn’t drain properly, and can flood the basement too).

We wanted to get started on this last weekend, but after some health problems and unexpected trips to London during the week, we both just needed a weekend to relax and get some cleaning done that was missed during the week. So on Friday afternoon, this was delivered:

We rented the largest size possible because you pay based on how much you get rid of + a rental fee, so we figured we might as well get rid of as much as possible! We were even going to get rid of our hand-me-down couch (I’m still on the hunt for the perfect new one!), but we actually ended up filling the dumpster and the couch wont fit. There’s also a mudroom on the back of the house that has mostly become a storage spot for furniture given to him by his parents, but that wouldn’t fit in the tiny farmhouse doors all over the house, so they sat for years. We got rid of an old fridge, treadmill, toilet – you name it, it was probably thrown out this weekend. In the basement, there were also some old cabinets, some reclining chairs and TV stands that never made it out in the last purge, but were all destroyed because of water.

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It was definitely not a *fun* day, but things look SO MUCH BETTER down there than the did before! This is what the basement looks like now:

It’s not the easiest to see because most lights don’t work down there, but you can also see that we pulled out a lot of the studs (any that didn’t have wires going through them) because they were rotted at the bottom from water and need to be replaced. There is still A LOT of work to be done to get this basement finished, including installing a sump pump, putting in new studs, insulation, flooring, etc. This basement really should have been fixed years ago, but Sean was living on his own and didn’t really have the time to dedicate to it. Now that we’re living together, I’m really pushing to have a nice, usable basement space for us.

This is just the start of the basement process – I will have LOTS more to share as we move forward. Sean wants to DIY the sump pump installation, but I may try to convince him to hire it out to a legitimate company who knows what they’re doing, because that’s not something you want to crap out in a year or two because it wasn’t installed right. Have you ever installed a sump pump? Let me know if it’s really as difficult as I think it should be!

While we did a lot of work this weekend, we also had a lot of fun too! Every Friday night, Sean’s parents go out for dinner and we often go with them to ‘celebrate the end of the week’ as Sean says. We headed to a new local chinese buffet which was great! Saturday, we also ended up out for dinner at Kelsey’s because one of Sean’s high school friends was in town. On Sunday, we went out for dinner AGAIN to celebrate Sean’s moms, sisters, and brother-in-laws birthday as they were Sunday, Saturday, and Friday. It was A LOT of eating out, so this week we want to try to eat lighter and eat more at home.

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How was your weekend? Did you work on any big home projects you have going on?

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