Monday Morning Coffee Break | 06.12.17

Happy Monday! As someone who is a part-time blogger and full-time marketing coordinator, sometimes my life gets a little hectic. I see a ton of other full time working mother’s, part time bloggers, etc and just think to myself ‘how do they do it?’ I can barely keep the house clean with one job (+ two dogs + a child like man), especially not clean enough to share on a blog! (Seriously, you’d probably cry if you saw our kitchen right now.) So, my life is hectic, your life is hectic – we get it, everyone is busy. What’s my point? My point is, sometimes we need to just stop and sniff the roses sip the coffee. Every Monday morning, I’m going to (try to) stop and share a little bit about my weekend, behind the scenes of what’s going on around here, and just relax for a little bit. So grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and then let me know in the comments how your weekend went!

This weekend, Sean & I took a day trip to Michigan that we’ve been planning for awhile. This is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve planned it, and each time something has come up that made us reschedule it. FINALLY, we made it to Port Huron, Michigan – which is about the furthest we can do in a day trip! Actually, Sterling Heights, MI is about the furthest you can get – we pushed it a little just for some Steak N’ Shake.

The main purpose of the trip was to do some shopping (there are SO MANY great stores in the states that we don’t get in Canada) and a LOT of eating, too. Sean is a bit of a foodie (and I’m a bit of a shopaholic) so our first stop once crossing the border was Checkers, one of the many great fast-food options we don’t have here in Canada. I had the Frylovers burger, which is exactly what it sounds like.. a burger with fries on it, also known as WHAT MY DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

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After lunch, we made a stop at one of my favourite places on earth – Hobby Lobby. I spent a little too much here, but got some supplies for upcoming projects I have in mind, some adorable gold frames, some wall art prints and of course, a new Project Life core kit (because apparently I can’t leave Hobby Lobby without one). Next stop was TJ Maxx, which is usually one of my favourite stores, but I ended up leaving empty handed. Much like Winners (the Canadian version of the store), I find these stores very hit or miss. If you see something you love, buy it now because you’ll never see it again, but you’ll also often leave the store empty handed. Which is why you need to visit weekly, just incase 😉

As a post-shopping snack (I told you, we travel for food!), we stopped at Arby’s for some $1 Pizza sliders. I love pizza and I love burgers, so why not? They were DELICIOUS!

We went through the stores in Port Huron a little quicker than we expected, so when decided where we wanted to go for dinner, we went decided to drive a little further than originally planned and head to Sterling Heights for some Steak N’ Shake. We both LOVE their garlic sliders, and the fact that we both ate (milkshakes included!) for less than $20 is a huge plus. If you have never been to a Stake N’ Shake, please, do yourself a favour and go ASAP. I went last year on my road trip to Florida with my sister and got a Taco Salad – it was good, but didn’t blow me away. You seriously need to try the burgers though, because they will change your life.

In Sterling Heights, we also stopped at Marshalls & HomeGoods but the line up was way too long for me to wait in to buy anything. The real highlight of the trip (store wise, at least) was visiting Target. A few years ago, Target finally came to Canada – and within two years, it was gone again. I have never gotten over it and would do pretty much anything to live within walking distance to a Target like I did for a short, short time. They do now ship to Canada, but the prices and shipping fees are INSANE, so I save my money for when I finally get a trip down to the states. I absolutely love their dresses and bought this one – I can definitely see it becoming one of my most-worn dresses this summer. We also picked up some groceries and a bag (or two) of only pink Starbursts, of course.

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We did another bigger grocery shop at Meijer, because there are so many things they have that we can’t get at home. From different flavours of snacks and pop tarts to my all time favourite, Sweet Tea, we stocked up on some ‘essentials’ of items we can only get when we cross the border. Even with the rate of the Canadian dollar right now, most things are still cheaper to buy in the states. One day, I would LOVE to move south to the likes of Georgia or Florida but for now, day trips are all I get.

We got home pretty late on Saturday night, picked the dogs up from Sean’s parent’s house and pretty much went straight to bed. We were all so exhausted on Sunday morning but it was a day filled with chores around the house including cleaning, a ton of laundry and cutting the grass. Next weekend, we’re starting our basement renovation which will be the feature of most of these posts for the next little while (I hope! We’ve been putting it off forever!).

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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