Monday Morning Coffee Break | 06.05.17

Happy Monday! As someone who is a part-time blogger and full-time marketing coordinator, sometimes my life gets a little hectic. I see a ton of other full time working mother’s, part time bloggers, etc and just think to myself ‘how do they do it?’ I can barely keep the house clean with one job (+ two dogs + a child like man), especially not clean enough to share on a blog! (Seriously, you’d probably cry if you saw our kitchen right now.) So, my life is hectic, your life is hectic – we get it, everyone is busy. What’s my point?

My point is, sometimes we need to just stop and sniff the roses sip the coffee. Every Monday morning, I’m going to (try to) stop and share a little bit about my weekend, behind the scenes of what’s going on around here, and just relax for a little bit. So grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and then let me know in the comments how your weekend went!

This weekend, I took the 2.5 hour trip back ‘home’ to visit my parents, do some shopping with my sister, catch up with some old friends over coffee & got a chance to visit my Grandpa in the hospital before his hip surgery. I was only in town for about a day and a half, but it was still nice to visit with some friends and family – I’m sure it wont be too long before I’m back, or before someone (most likely my parents and/or sisters) come up here to visit. We’re a pretty close family, but I never really imagined how much I’d miss them all when I moved – even if it’s just 2.5 hours away (and even if I still see them almost every other weekend!).

One reason for the trip down was to use up some Old Navy Super Cash from their current promotion. Last year, I developed a bit of an obsession with Old Navy and I order WAY too many clothes online – my closet is bursting at the seams, but they have so many cute dresses and tops and shoes! Since I was getting $30 off a $75 purchase (that ended up being a bit more than that. Oops), I bought these sandals (I have the same ones in black that I bought online and they are SO comfy!) and this dress that I had ordered online, but they sent the wrong style. I also got a new belt, another dress that’s not online, and a coral cardigan. And then I went home and ordered some more stuff online, because I had more Super Cash to use. Oh, and I found the MOST AWESOME hat to ever exist at Charming Charlie. I’m not usually one for big floppy hats, but when I saw this hat I had to buy it. And I plan on wearing it ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Probably even into the fall too.

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One much-needed item on my to-do is to purge and organize ALL of my clothes, as well as stop buying new ones – but we’ll see how that goes. I would love to do something like this:

Source: Driven By Decor

I’m not sure our closet is wide enough to have quite as much shelving, but getting rid of the bi-fold doors would be AMAZING considering they rarely ever fully close anyways. The bedroom is at the bottom of the list to be made over due to some medical equipment that will be in there for the unforeseeable future, so we’re limited on space as it is. I’ll wait until we’re no longer dealing with a dialysis machine and start a makeover then. For now, we’re planning the basement fix up! More on that will come later.

I also found out this week that my 1-year contract that was going to end in July has been extended to permanent, full-time. I was covering for someone who left on maternity leave, and she has decided not to come back so she can stay home with her son and I was offered a full time job. It was a pretty big risk this time last year, quitting my full-time job to accept a contract where I didn’t know if it would go past a year, but I was in desperate need of a change at the time and after going for an interview ‘just to see’ for a job I didn’t think I was qualified for, it came up at just the right time! So, instead of moving back in to my mom’s basement like I threatened to do if I didn’t have a job come July, I’ll be staying put here – which is a good thing considering Sean and I just moved in together 😉

I think that just about covers what’s been going on around here. Now that I am FINALLY done moving my stuff in, we’re going to start working on the basement reno which will take up most of these weekend posts in the coming months! I’m really excited to get started on that, not just so it will stop flooding, but so we can do a space start to finish and really make it exactly how we want. I’m also going to try to convince Sean that we need to spruce up the Laundry room downstairs, just to match the rest of the space 😉

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How was your weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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